As an Architect, Engineer, Constructor or Designer you can route MEP in Autodesk Revit in a few seconds

Route MEP Automatically and Clash-Free on Autodesk Revit

  • The plugin is as simple as selecting two points in a model, then a clash-free route will be traced.

Route in Defined Zones and Use Revit Custom Families

  • Route only in defined zones (ex. in a specific elevations or routing windows).
  • Route automatically with both Revit custom families or system families.

Optimize and Standardize Modeling and Prefabrication Processes

  • The plugin has a smart algorithm that can define the shortest distance and less clashes between two points in a 3D space. This will dramatically optimize materials and installation processes for construction.
  • The routing consistency produces consistent prefabrication processes, compared to traditional methods where modelers route in different styles to avoid clashes.
Three steps to use this smart algorithm!

Download Auto BIM Route (free for 30 days)

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We Can Customize Features To Best Suit Your Needs

Every construction project is unique and every company has particular modeling rules and methods. Therefore, we can take your notes and program them into Auto BIM Route, even before buying the product.  We believe in maximizing the value added to you and your BIM department.

Partner With Us To Develop Research Studies

The Auto BIM Route team is conducting several research studies designed to understand human “modelers” behaviors when they use automatic routing process in 3D spaces. Specifically to understand modelers’ behaviors when they avoid clashes as well as to define the Return On Investment to companies (ex. time saving, materials saving and modeling quality).

Download Auto BIM Route

AUTO BIM Route Features

Automated and Clash-Free MEP Routing

Use Revit Custom Families

Multiple Routes Option – Allows to Route Several Conduits with Different Diameter in a Few Minutes

Conditional Routing – Allows to Define Routing Zones, Rooms, and specific windows. Coming soon…

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About Us

The term “BIM Automation” is often associated with cloud-based and mobile services. In reality, BIM modelers spend more time on the modeling process rather than on transferring information between devices. The modeling process is defined as the time spent translating 2D information or thought into 3D mental model language so that modeling software can understand it. Automating the modeling process can be challenging but not impossible. After two years of investment, we developed a simple solution called Auto BIM Route that enables computers to think for modelers. The plugin works on Autodesk Revit and is as simple as selecting two points in the model, then a clash-free route will be traced per defined zones. The plugin is also dynamic, as it can deploy Revit Costume Families.

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